Welcome to the 2019 MidSchoolMath National Conference! #MidSchoolMath2019

Looking for Session Handouts? Check out the Conference Dropbox at http://bit.ly/MidSchoolMath2019Additional materials will be added as they are provided. 

Thank you for joining us in Santa Fe for our 6th Annual Conference! If you selected your sessions prior to Sunday, 2/24, a print copy of your personalized schedule will be provided in your attendee packet. You’ll also get a daily agenda email from SCHED!

As a reminder, helpful information about traveling to Santa Fe, including airport shuttle services, featured hotels, getting around town, restaurants, and more can be found here.  

After the Conference, please take a moment to provide session feedback using SCHED! Thank you!

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Patricia Carden

Math and Science Bureau
Math Specialist
Santa Fe, NM
As a former middle school math teacher, my passion is math and student learning. My current job is as the Math Specialist for the Math and Science Bureau here in Santa Fe. I have worked with teachers in their classrooms for the last eleven years developing strategies and activities that work to promote math learning for all students.