Welcome to the 2019 MidSchoolMath National Conference! #MidSchoolMath2019

Looking for Session Handouts? Check out the Conference Dropbox at http://bit.ly/MidSchoolMath2019Additional materials will be added as they are provided. 

Thank you for joining us in Santa Fe for our 6th Annual Conference! If you selected your sessions prior to Sunday, 2/24, a print copy of your personalized schedule will be provided in your attendee packet. You’ll also get a daily agenda email from SCHED!

As a reminder, helpful information about traveling to Santa Fe, including airport shuttle services, featured hotels, getting around town, restaurants, and more can be found here.  

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Kate Degner

South East Jr High
Iowa City, IA
I have been teaching secondary and post-secondary mathematics for 16 years. Since beginning my teaching career I have become very interested in ensuring all students learn mathematics at high levels. This interest has lead me to working to engage students in the mathematics classroom in unconditional ways. In 2013 I earned my Ph.D. in curriculum and supervision and mathematics education. After a short stint in post-secondary education I returned to my true love--teaching middle school students mathematics.